As we age, loss of collagen and elastin causes loss of skin volume. Thin skin are vulnerable to the acts of gravity, causing skins to sag and creating droopiness and wrinkles. The advances of technology can just defy this and lift your skin back.

1. Gene-V™ Facelift
2. Dermal Filler
3. Radiofrequency tightening treatment
4. Laser rejuvenation
5. PRP injection therapy
feature enc

Feature Enhancement

Enhance your countenance's features, boost your confidence and self-­esteem and be a more beautiful you.

1. Nose enhancement
2. Chin enhancement
3. Cheek enhancement
4. Tear trough correction
5. Forehead enhancement
6. Temporal fossa enhancement
7. Lip enhancement
8. Facial asymmetrical correction
9. V Line contour


Age wrinkles the body, Bella Clinic defies it. Exposure to sun, smoking, consumption of alcohol and sleeping late are the major aggravations. UV rays break down collage and elastin, speeding up the aging process. Unhealthy lifestyle causes dehydration of skin and loss of elasticity and promotes development of fine lines. Imagine your appearance with significant wrinkles diminishes, how much the boost it can give to your self-confidence?

1. Botulinum Toxin Type A
2. PRP Therapy
3. Smooth Peel™
4. Smoothline™ cream
5. Sunblock
6. Rejuvenation Laser
7. WINBACK Tecar Therapy